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Soundbars under 300 Dollars

What can you expect from a soundbar under 300 Dollars?

In contrast to the soundbars below €200, you can expect a somewhat larger feature set. There is already one model with the 3D sound format Dolby Atmos at this price. In addition, the soundbars get a bit smarter from this price level on, so that the Samsung S60A, for example, is already equipped with Amazons Alexa and Wi-Fi connection. Sound-wise, it is also a big leap from the cheaper soundbars, so you really get a better performance in this price range.

Best Soundbar under 300 Dollars: Samsung HW-S60A

  • 200W Soundbar
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Adaptive Sound & Q-Symphony
  • Center Speaker
  • Slim design
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Integrated Alexa
  • Apple Airplay2
  • Lacks low-bass
  • No Dolby Atmos/DTS:X
  • No subwoofer
  • Few ports
Room size
up to 25 m2
(5.2 virtual)
HDMI OutHDMI ARCDigital optical

The Samsung HW-S60A has one advantage over the other soundbars in this price range, and that is Samsung’s Acoustic Beam technology. The side- & up-firing speakers create a better surround sound and thus a more immersive feeling when watching movies. It is supposed to be Samsung’s all-in-one solution for every household, with a quite good performance even when playing music and dialogue-heavy content like podcasts. If you do not like the sound profile, you can use the graphic equalizers and calibrate it according to your wishes.

However, a subwoofer would really do the quite compact soundbar good, which would massively improve the home theater experience in particular. It’s a good thing that the HW-S60A soundbar is very easy to expand. It can be expanded with a subwoofer and satellite speakers, so the setup can really impress with movies. But then, of course, the setup is much more expensive than $300.

Also exemplary are the smart features that have been given to the S60A. Wi-Fi ensures access to the Internet, and integrated Amazon Alexa lets you use streaming services without an additional smartphone. However, control via Samsung’s SmartThings app is also possible.

With external Subwoofer: Yamaha YAS-209

  • Great stereo sound
  • External Subwoofer
  • Wi-Fi & Smart Features
  • No Center Speaker

The Yamaha YAS-209 also comes with several smart features: It has both an Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi for network connection and can be controlled via app. In order to control the soundbar via voice, Amazon’s Alexa is also integrated, which supports streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

The Yamaha model is a 2.1-channel system. Accordingly, the setup comes without a center speaker, but with an external subwoofer. Unfortunately, the YAS-209 does not support 3D sound in the form of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X due to the lack of up-firing and side-firing speakers. However, it reproduces great stereo sound thanks to its very balanced sound profile.

With Center Speaker: Samsung HW-A550

  • 410W total power
  • External Subwoofer
  • No Internet Connectivity
  • No Voice & App Control

The Samsung HW-A550 performs similarly well like the S60A in terms of sound quality reproduction. However, the HW-A550 comes with an external subwoofer, which the S60A misses. Thus, the setup has an impressive total power of 410 watts and can create a more balanced sound.

Despite supporting DTS Virtual:X, the surround sound is not particularly convincing. But at least the sound can be adjusted with the graphic equalizer and all sorts of other features. The soundbar also features Adaptive Sound Lite, which automatically adapts the sound to the contents you are viewing. This results in clear voices and dialogs, even though the A550 can not offer a separate center speaker.

Neither via Ethernet, nor Wi-Fi a connection to the Internet is available, so music streaming from your smartphone can only be done via the Bluetooth interface. Voice control is also not integrated for the same reason.

Soundbars under 300 Dollars in comparison

Samsung HW-S60A
Samsung HW-S60A
Yamaha YAS-209
Yamaha YAS-209
Samsung HW-A550
Samsung HW-A550
Channels 5 (5.2 virtual) 2.1 2.1 (3.1.2 virtual)
Dolby Atmos
HDMI 2.1
Room size up to 25 m2 up to 25 m2 up to 40 m2
Subwoofer External External
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth HxWxD 68 x 764 x 125 mm 62 x 924 x 102 mm 55 x 860 x 85 mm

Frequently asked questions about Soundbars under 300 Dollars

How much does a decent soundbar cost?

For a decent soundbar, which comes with some features and enough ports, you should look in the mid-price segment. This is between 400 and 600 dollars.

What is a 3.1 soundbar?

A 3.1 soundbar features three main speakers which are located on the right, left and in the center. The center channel is responsible for the reproduction of voices and ensures that you can understand dialogs clearly and distinctly.

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