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Bose - Smart features packed in a slim design

The US company Bose is not only known for its Bluetooth speakers and headphones, but also offers high-quality soundbars. The range includes space-saving, compact soundbars as well as more extensive systems with many smart features, such as integrated voice assistants. Regardless of the size of the soundbar, Bose also places a lot of emphasis on a simple and elegant design, which means that the setups can be optimally integrated into your home.

Smart Series compared

The Bose Smart Soundbars not only improve the sound of your TV, but are also Smart Speakers. This means they can be controlled without touch and also come with a variety of streaming options.

Bose Soundbar 900
Soundbar 900
Bose Soundbar 700
Soundbar 700
Bose Smart Soundbar 600
Smart Soundbar 600
Bose Soundbar 300
Soundbar 300
Model year 2021 2018 2022 2020
Channels 5.2 3 3.2 (5.2 virtual) 3
Dolby Atmos
HDMI 2.1 1x In
Room size up to 25 m2 up to 25 m2 up to 25 m2 up to 25 m2
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth 58,1 x 1045 x 107 mm 57 x 980 x 108 mm 56 x 694 x 104 mm 56 x 695 x 103 mm

Bose Soundbar 900 2021
Smart 5.0.2 channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Room size
up to 25 m2

Bose Soundbar 900 Connections

HDMI 2.1 InHDMI eARCDigital opticalSubwoofer OutLAN-Ethernet
Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Atmos
  • High volume
  • Dialog enhancement
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple Airplay
  • Alexa & Google Assistant integrated
  • No DTS
  • No Chromecast
  • Low bass
  • Few ports

The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is a 5.0.2 setup that has been equipped with Bose’s PhaseGuide technology to create a wide and immersive soundscape. Since the soundbar has two height channels, it can also reproduce 3D sound in the form of Dolby Atmos. It also has a neutral sound profile and gets quite loud, which makes the Smart Soundbar 900 flexible in use.

Streaming fans should particularly enjoy the soundbar. In order to reproduce voices in TV shows or podcasts clearly, it has a separate center speaker and an additional voice enhancement feature. The integrated voice assistants, network connection, Airplay and Bluetooth ensure that content can be streamed easily.

Only the subwoofer is missing in the Bose Smart Soundbar 900, since it is neither included in the packaging nor integrated into the soundbar itself. Thus, the soundbar lacks a bit of bass, but an external subwoofer can be easily added.

Bose Soundbar 700 2018
Elegant soundbar with excellent stereo sound

Room size
up to 25 m2

Bose Soundbar 700 Connections

HDMI 2.0 InHDMI eARCDigital optical3.5mm JackSubwoofer OutLAN-Ethernet
  • Well-balanced sound profile
  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Smart features & language assistants
  • Multiroom Option & easily expandable
  • DTS Support
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • Less immersive surround sound

The Bose Smart Soundbar 700 also lets streaming fans get their money’s worth: Like the Smart Soundbar 900, it has a center speaker and a voice enhancement feature, which in combination ensure very clear voices and dialogs. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplay are also available for wireless streaming with this soundbar.

The 3.0-channel system does not support 3D sound formats and the surround performance is not really satisfactory. However, thanks to the side-firing speakers that project sound into every corner of your room, you get a wide sound range. An additional room correction feature ensures that the sound is ideally adapted to your room conditions.

Overall, the sound profile of the Smart Soundbar 700 is well balanced. However, if you want a good, strong bass, you should invest in the separately available subwoofer. Out-of-the-box, the soundbar’s bass leaves much to be desired.

Bose Smart Soundbar 600 2022
Compact soundbar with support for Dolby Atmos

Room size
up to 25 m2
(5.2 virtual)

Bose Smart Soundbar 600 Connections

HDMI OutHDMI eARCDigital optical
Dolby Atmos
  • Small dimensions
  • Treble channels
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dialogue enhancement
  • Smart Features
  • No equalizer
  • No DTS
  • Few connections

The Bose Smart Soundbar 600 is much more compact than the two previously mentioned models from the manufacturer with a width of just under 70 centimeters. Nevertheless, it comes with 3.0.2 channels and thus also supports Dolby Atmos. Content. Thanks to the built-in Bose Truespace technology, even stereo signals are supplemented with height effects and converted into room-filling sound.

Like the other Smart Soundbars from Bose, the 600 model also shines with its numerous wireless features. For example, the soundbar can be controlled not only with its included remote, but also the Bose Music App. It also comes with Bluetooth, integrated Chromecast and Apple Airplay. Amazon’s Alexa is already integrated for voice control.

Via HDMI eARC the small Soundbar 600 can be connected and put into operation very easily. It also has an optical input for older TVs without an HDMI connection. Otherwise, there is only a USB interface for service purposes on the back.

Bose Soundbar 300 2020
Smart Soundbar with great design and Multiroom Option

Room size
up to 25 m2

Bose Soundbar 300 Connections

HDMI 2.0 InHDMI ARCDigital opticalSubwoofer Out
  • Side-firing speaker
  • Automatic calibration
  • Wi-Fi, Smart Features, Voice Wizards
  • Multiroom Option
  • Easily expandable
  • No Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • No surround sound
  • Weak Bass

The Smart Soundbar 300 is the most affordable model in this series from Bose. Apart from the lack of support for 3D sound formats, you hardly have to accept any compromises compared to the other models despite the lower price. This sound bar can also reproduce voices clearly thanks to the separate center speaker. You even don’t have to do without the built-in voice assistants. However, those who prefer to operate the soundbar manually can also do so via the Bose Music app.

The audio reproduction of the Smart Soundbar 300 has similar weak points as the previous soundbar. An immersive cinema experience does not materialize here, as its surround performance is not really good either. Moreover, the soundbar – unsurprisingly – also weakens with bass-heavy content. At least it comes with a bass adjustment feature to compensate for this weakness.

Mini Series

The other soundbars from Bose focus on a compact size. Thus, the soundbars save quite a bit of space and are also suitable for use with smaller TVs.

Bose TV Speaker 2020
Good Bose sound at a fair price

Room size
up to 15 m2

Bose TV Speaker Connections

HDMI OutHDMI ARCDigital optical3.5mm JackSubwoofer Out
  • Pleasant sound
  • HDMI ARC, Bluetooth
  • DTS Support
  • Expandable with subwoofer
  • No Surround Sound
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • No Network connectivity
  • Max. Volume

With a width of less than 60 centimeters, the Bose TV speaker is quite small. Due to the compact dimensions, the soundbar is not particularly loud, but it is guaranteed to fit under or in front of any TV. Overall, the TV speaker is especially convincing in everyday use because the sound profile is very balanced and it reproduces the mids very precisely. An additional voice enhancement feature ensures even better comprehension of voices and dialogs.

Unfortunately, the features of this soundbar are very limited, as it hardly has any options for adjusting the sound. Smart features are also missing, which is why the classic Bluetooth interface has to be used for streaming podcasts or TV shows.

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