Soundbar Pros and Cons
What are the advantages of a Soundbar?

Most people underestimate the topic “sound” immensely. Therefore, many living rooms are bombarded with the mostly rather mediocre sound of the built-in speakers of a flat screen TV. The fact that this often creates a sobering sound backdrop quickly becomes clear when you take a look at how narrow televisions have become over the course of time.

A certain amount of available volume is needed for a good sound, but there is no room for it in TVs nowadays. Especially the bass clearly suffers as a result.

Therefore, it makes sense to buy additional hardware for a better atmosphere in the home theater, when listening to music or gaming to compensate for this shortcoming of modern TVs. We also explain what you should look for when buying a soundbar in our buying guide.

Why not rather a full Hifi system?

Huge Hi-Fi System

When you think of a good sound system, you immediately have many speakers in mind, which are distributed throughout the apartment to guarantee the best possible sound. That this does not suit everyone, or that not everyone has enough space for it is probably obvious.

In addition, you need two more things for the composition of such a setup: On the one hand, a certain Hi-Fi expertise and on the other hand, the necessary “spare money” to be able to purchase such a sound system.

The compact solution to improve the sound

A remedy can be found in compact soundbars, which, depending on the price range, can create a breathtaking soundscape – without creating an unsightly tangle of cables. The plug-and-play devices require very few cables and are therefore very easy to connect.

Space-saving alternative to 5.1 systems

Of course, most soundbars cannot quite match the sound of expensive 5.1 systems. Real surround sound from all directions or even Dolby Atmos sound can only be achieved with a setup with satellite speakers.

But there are also some options in the soundbar sector. Many soundbars can be expanded with wireless satellite speakers or additional subwoofers to satisfy even the most demanding ears, and the handling of these systems is still comparatively simple.

Teufel Cinebar Ultima – All in One sound system in one bar

As you can see, there are also good options for beginners that will fill the home with a great sound. To make it easy for you to find the right soundbar for your needs, we’ve listed the best soundbars according to different categories.