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Soundbars with Radio

You don't want to miss your favorite radio channel?

When choosing the right soundbar, not only the audio quality but also the features play an important role. After all, today’s soundbars offer various options for enjoying music – including the possibility to listen to radio stations. This is usually done via the Internet, which is why smart soundbars are in the lead in this category. We have taken a look at the best soundbars with an integrated radio and compiled them in this list.

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Best Soundbar with Radio: Sonos Beam Gen. 2

  • 220W total power
  • Compact design
  • Room correction feature
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Wi-Fi & Apple Airplay2
  • Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant built-in
  • No DTS:X
  • Low volume
  • No Bluetooth
Room size
up to 25 m2
HDMI 2.1 InHDMI eARCLAN-Ethernet
Dolby Atmos

In our eyes, the second-generation Sonos Beam is the best soundbar with radio, because all sorts of features are hidden inside this compact soundbar. The radio signal is not received via a classic analog receiver, but via DAB+. This stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and means that the radio content is transmitted digitally.

Since the Sonos Beam supports Dolby Atmos content and has a feature for room correction, it delivers immersive sound. Overall, it comes with a fairly neutral sound profile, which is a bit bass-heavy though. However, the separate center speaker ensures that voices and dialogs remain clearly understandable. There is also a voice enhancement feature.

With its small size, the Sonos Beam can be placed anywhere, but it is not particularly loud. Furthermore, many wireless streaming options are available with the integrated Alexa, Wi-Fi and Airplay, but those who prefer an analog connection can only use the HDMI ARC port.

Sonos Beam (2. Gen.) Review

Radio listening via Alexa: Bose Smart Soundbar 300

  • Built-in Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Bluetooth
  • Supports few audio formats

As its name suggests, the Bose Smart Soundbar 300 also offers some smart features. It has an integrated Amazon Alexa, which allows you to operate the soundbar via voice command. Since various radio skills are available for Alexa, you can listen to a large number of stations using it. Those who prefer to manually set their radio stations, can do so with the Bose Music app.

Other streaming options of the Smart Soundbar 300 consist of a Bluetooth interface, the network connection, Apple Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. It also has a separate center speaker to play back the transmitted content even better. This ensures clear voices and dialogs.

With external subwoofer: Samsung HW-Q800A

  • External subwoofer
  • Up-firing speakers
  • Higher price

Unlike the other two soundbars, the Samsung HW-Q800A comes with an external subwoofer that provides strong bass. Overall, the 3.1.2 setup has a balanced sound profile, making it suitable for playing almost all genres of music. In addition to that, it gets decently loud too. Radio reception is possible with this soundbar via the integrated Amazon Alexa as well.

Besides the integrated voice control, the soundbar from Samsung has other smart features like a network connection, Bluetooth and Apple Airplay. It also features a separate center speaker so that streamed audio content is reproduced clearly.

Thanks to its two up-firing speakers, the Q800A can play 3D content like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Otherwise, surround content is downmixed to stereo for playback, making its surround performance not very immersive.

Samsung HW-Q800A Review

Soundbars with Radio in comparison

Sonos Beam Gen. 2
Sonos Beam Gen. 2
Bose Smart Soundbar 300
Bose Smart Soundbar 300
Samsung HW-Q800A
Samsung HW-Q800A
Channels 5 3 3.1.2
Dolby Atmos
HDMI 2.1 1x In 1x In + 1x Out
Room size up to 25 m2 up to 25 m2 up to 40 m2
Subwoofer External
Dimensions Height x Width x Depth HxWxD 69 x 651 x 100 mm 56 x 695 x 103 mm 60 x 980 x 115 mm

Frequently asked questions about Soundbars with Radio

Do soundbars have FM radio?

Some soundbars do feature a FM radio tuner. However, you can also use an AUX input or Amazon’s Alexa to listen to your favorite radio station.

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