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High-end model for limitless sound enjoyment?


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As a cinema fan and self-confessed hobby musician, Gesa is always on the lookout for the best sound experience.

Sony HT-A7000 - sound giant with plenty of features

For the Sony HT-A7000, you not only have to dig deep into your pocket, but also plan enough space. In return, however, you get a room-filling 7.1.2-channel sound that is optimally adapted to your own four walls thanks to room calibration. Even the surround and 3D sound are worth listening to for an all-in-one soundbar, but those who want a truly immersive listening experience should add a subwoofer and rear speakers – which makes the whole setup even more expensive.

There is definitely no shortage of features with all sorts of connection options, various sound modes and 4K@120Hz. In return, you have to do without a graphic equalizer, so the bass-emphasized sound profile cannot be adjusted individually. Series fans should still get their money’s worth thanks to very good speech intelligibility and countless streaming options via Smart Features.

  • Many connections
  • HDMI 2.1
  • 4K@120Hz
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Smart Features
  • Room calibration
  • Bass-emphasized sound profile
  • No integrated voice assistants
  • No graphic equalizer
  • High price
Price comparison

Sony HT-A7000: Not for small living rooms

With a width of 130 centimeters, the flagship soundbar from Sony is definitely one of the larger models on the market. Accordingly, you should also plan for sufficient space and not have a TV that is too small – preferably a device from 65 inches. Due to the height, however, it can happen that parts of the picture are covered depending on the type of TV stand and the placement of the soundbar. The surface – or the wall in the case of wall mounting – should also be sufficiently stable, because with 8.7 kilograms the A7000 is no lightweight.

Sony remote control in hand
The Sony HT-A7000 is not exactly small

The design of the soundbar is kept in plain black, using different materials. Thus, a metal grille can be seen on its front, which protects the two tweeters and five front speakers inside. The two up-firing speakers on the top are shielded by fabric membranes, otherwise the top has a piano lacquer look. It looks chic, but is unfortunately also susceptible to fingerprints, which is an unfavorable combination with the touch buttons placed there for operation.

Operating the Sony HT-A7000
On the top of the soundbar there are six touch buttons

A woofer is already integrated

Although the HT-A7000 comes without an external subwoofer, it contains an already integrated dual subwoofer. Therefore, there are two small bass reflex ports on the sides.

Sony remote control in hand
At both ends, the Sony soundbar has one bass reflex port each

Attention was paid to sufficient accessories

Even though the soundbar itself takes up quite a bit of space in the box, the rest of the package has not been skimped on. Besides a HDMI cable, an AUX cable is also found inside. For wall mounting, corresponding brackets were included, as well as various manuals.

Sony remote control in hand
The scope of delivery of the A7000 at a glance

Sony remote with countless buttons

Of course, a remote control is also included in the scope of delivery. This is comparatively large and has plenty of buttons. If the soundbar is connected to the TV via HDMI, the respective TV remote can also be used for control. Those who prefer it digital can also use the Sony App to operate the 7.1.2-channel system.

Sony remote control in hand
The remote control of the HT-A7000 has plenty of buttons

eARC, AUX or TOSLINK: The HT-A7000 has them all

The connection options for connecting the TV or another device to the soundbar are found on its back. Here, too, no savings were made, which means that the connection variety could not be greater. To ensure the best possible data transfer, the HDMI eARC output is suitable for coupling with the TV. The soundbar can play all common formats uncompressed, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. In our test, the start-up was very fast. Which input of the soundbar is used can be read on its small display between the front speakers.

Display of the Sony HT-A7000
The front grille somewhat limits the readability of the soundbar display

No limits to gaming fun

Apart from the classic connection via HDMI, the connection via optical or analog input is also possible. Those who want to play files from a USB stick can also do so thanks to a corresponding interface. Of course, the manufacturer of the Playstation 5 also thought about gaming enthusiasts, which is why the HT-A7000 has two additional HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 4K@120Hz.

Dolby Atmos via the Sony HT-A7000
The connections are located on the back of the soundbar

Sony's HT-A7000 provides decent power

With its total power of 500 watts and 100 volume levels, the HT-A7000 is capable of providing good sound even in somewhat larger rooms. Out-of-the-box, it also offers a wide, very detailed and precise soundscape. The dual subwoofer is also very present at first impression and provides a surprisingly powerful bass. However, this is not noticeable during action scenes – you simply need a soundbar with external subwoofer for that.

Graph showing frequency response of Sony HT-A7000
Our result for the frequency response measurement of the Sony HT-A7000

The opulence of bass also becomes clear when you look at the frequency response of the Sony HT-A7000: The basses and low-mids show themselves present here, while the trebles drop significantly from about 8000 Hz. An overemphasis of the mids was not audible in our practical test; instead, details were precisely reproduced. This may also be due to the high mids and presences, which are quite balanced. This results in very good speech intelligibility.

Three-dimensional sound from just one box

For a standalone soundbar, Sony’s model definitely creates an impressive surround sound. This is partly due to the virtual spatial enhancement provided by Sony’s Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO front surround (more on this in the Special Features section). Even with three-dimensional formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, which use the up-firing speakers, the sound is quite enveloping. For truly immersive sounds, however, you should invest in the additional Rear Speaker from Sony.

Dolby Atmos via the Sony HT-A7000
The soundbar in the Dolby Atmos test with the Sony A95K

Sony does not offer a lot for sound customization

Sony’s sound giant not only has enough power to fill your room with sound, but also the intelligence to distribute it optimally. For this purpose, it was equipped with a sound field optimization, which acts as a room correction and can also be performed with external rear speakers. However, the sound does not only adapt to its environment, but also to the played content: An auto sound setting has also been integrated.

A graphic equalizer is missing

The other sound adjustments are unfortunately limited to the basics, because the Sony HT-A7000 cannot serve with a graphical equalizer. Thus, one only has to resort to EQ presets, of which ‘Cinema’ and ‘Music’ are available in this case. At least the soundbar still comes with a night mode and a voice mode for dialogue enhancement.

Sony's buzzword jungle

Vertical Surround Engine, S-Force pro Front Surround and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping: With the HT-A7000, you’ll encounter a few terms from Sony’s ABC. However, a closer look reveals that there are no really extraordinary features behind it. Thus, S-Force Pro Front Surround is merely a technology for spatial sound only with front speakers, so to speak virtual surround sound. The Vertical Surround Engine additionally provides a virtual extension around the vertical axis, so that a three-dimensional listening impression is created – even without Dolby Atmos. However, we could not determine an impressive difference in our listening test.

Sony HT-A7000 on table
For better surround sound, the soundbar can be supplemented with Sony's subwoofer and rear speakers

Additional features with more Sony products

Those who own the matching rear speakers from Sony can also use 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Several phantom speakers are created in addition to the two separate speakers, which is supposed to provide a stronger immersion. A goodie is also on board for owners of a Sony Bravia: Via S-Center connection, it can be coupled with the soundbar and then function as a center speaker.

Sony HT-A7000: Without own voice

Thanks to diverse smart features of the soundbar, there are no limits to the wireless transmission of smartphone and co. Besides a Bluetooth interface, it also supports Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Airplay 2. Voice control, on the other hand, is only possible with an external third-party device: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are supported, but not integrated.

Bluetooth menu with HT-A7000 display
Sony has integrated various features for wireless transmission

Sony HT-A7000 Datasheet

Dimensions Soundbar (WxHxD)1300 x 80 x 142 mm
Weight Soundbar8,7 kg
Internal Subwoofer
Rear speaker
Wall mount inkludiert
Channels 7.1.2
Power Output Soundbar500 watts
Total Power Output500 watts
Center speaker
HDMI 2.0 In0
HDMI 2.1 In2
Digital optical1
3.5mm jack1
Ethernet RJ450
Dolby Atmos
Dolby True HD
Dolby Digital+
Dolby Vision
DTS HD Master
Apple Airplay
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
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Frequently asked questions about the Sony HT-A7000

Compared to the previous version ARC, eARC can transmit a much larger bandwidth. Audio signals with up to 32 channels can be forwarded uncompressed via this. When transmitting via eARC, the object-based audio formats DTS:X and Dolby Atmos do not have to be compressed either.

For more immersive sound, Sony offers two pairs of rear speakers in addition to the HT-A7000: the SA-RS3 with 100 watts of total power and the slightly larger SA-RS5 with 180 watts of total power.

To upgrade the dual subwoofer of the Sony HT-A7000, there are two external subwoofers to choose from: the cheaper SA-SW3 with 200 watts of power and the premium SA-SW5 with 300 watts.

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