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Bose TV Speaker - Small but mighty!

The Bose TV speaker is ideal for people whose room is not so much space, or who want for low money an unobtrusive enhancement of the TV sound. With its small dimensions, the 2.0-channel setup can indeed be called a mini soundbar.

Overall, the stereo system has a balanced sound that is particularly convincing in the reproduction of voices and dialogs. However, as is often the case with soundbars of this size without an external subwoofer, the low-frequency range has to accept a few compromises. Although the bass can be regulated, it does not result in a significant improvement.

Compromises also have to be made with the connection options of the Bose soundbar: Here you only find the basic interfaces with AUX, TOSLINK and HDMI. For wireless transmission, there is the option of connection via Bluetooth, but no other smart features have been integrated.

  • Small dimensions
  • Balanced sound
  • High volume
  • Dialogue enhancement
  • Bluetooth
  • Little bass
  • No EQ
  • No room correction
  • No Smart Features
  • No DTS
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The Bose TV Speaker fits in front of any TV

The compact Bose TV speaker comes in a simple design: the top of the rectangular box has a matte black, all around it has a grille cover, also black. Some of the components are made of plastic, but the small soundbar has a high-quality impression overall. With its compact dimensions, however, it almost reminds us a bit of the Bluetooth speakers from Bose: It only measures just under 60 centimeters in width, and the height is less than six centimeters. This makes it ideal for smaller rooms with little space and also fit in front of small TV models from 32 inches or between the feet of a 55 inch TV. At under two kilograms, the box also weighs very little.

Oblique view of Bose TV speaker with grille surface
A grille front protects the drivers of the Bose TV Speaker

You won't find a subwoofer here

The 2.0-channel setup comes without external subwoofer and also does not have an integrated woofer. Instead, a bass reflex tube was installed, whose opening is found on the back of the soundbar. Inside are also two angled full range drivers and a center tweeter. This allows the speaker to play content in Dolby Digital format.

ass reflex port and connectors on the back of the soundbar
At the back of the mini soundbar is a bass reflex port

The Bose soundbar only comes with the essentials

The scope of delivery of the TV speaker is quite manageable: Besides the soundbar itself, it only contains its power cord, a manual, an optical cable and a remote control with battery. You might wonder why no HDMI cable was included – after all, the speaker also has a HDMI ARC output. When connected via this, the Bose TV speaker can then also be controlled via TV remote thanks to HDMI CEC. A wall mount is also not included and must be purchased separately if desired.

Contents of the package from Bose spread out on the table
The scope of delivery of the Bose soundbar is moderate

If you connect the soundbar with the optical cable, you will inevitably have to use the included remote control, since there are no buttons on the casing and no corresponding app. Matching the TV speaker itself, the remote control is also very small and simple. It has a rubber surface and is otherwise made of plastic, which makes it extremely lightweight. The keys have also been spared, which makes for simple, intuitive operation.

Bose TV Speaker remote control with eight buttons
The small remote control of the TV speaker is easy to hold in the hand

Not only the soundbar itself is small

In contrast, the status display of the Bose TV speaker is less intuitive: There are two small LEDs on the edge of the front, which flash differently depending on the setting. Unfortunately, the lights are so small that they are not very visible from a certain distance. The fact that a larger, clearer display was not chosen here is probably due to the lack of space in the small soundbar.

Close-up of the LEDs as status indicator
The two LEDs light up in different colors

Connections of the Bose TV Speaker: All good things come in threes

Due to the low volume, the connections on the back of the Bose TV Speaker are also limited to the essentials. In addition to the already mentioned HDMI ARC output, you will also find an optical port and an AUX input. A USB interface is also available, but it cannot be used to play content, only for service purposes. In addition, the stereo system can still be expanded with a external subwoofer from Bose. A corresponding connector can be found on its back for this purpose.

Close-up of the Bose TV Speaker connectors
The connectors of the Bose TV Speaker are located in a recess on the back side

Bose TV Speaker: small box, big sound

At first glance – or rather the first listen – the Mini Soundbar from Bose makes a solid impression. The angled speakers inside certainly provide a wide soundstage and especially the maximum volume can impress us considering the small dimensions. However, it should be noted that the sound quality decreases with increasing volume, as distortions become audible. The fact that the sound of the speaker is balanced overall is also shown by the result of our frequency response measurement of the Bose TV Speaker: Especially the mids are extremely balanced, which ensures excellent speech reproduction and a round overall sound.

Bose soundbar frequency response graph
The frequency response of the Bose TV Speaker

The low bass is lacking as well here

Unfortunately, it looks a bit worse in the area of bass and treble: As with many soundbars of this size, the Bose TV speaker also lacks low bass. In the end, to create a real boom, it would simply need more volume or an additional subwoofer. Thus, it does not bring cinema feeling into the living room at home. The soundbar also weakens in the trebles and the graph shows some fluctuations here. This could be an indication for a dull, undynamic sound, but we could not confirm this in our listening test.

The Bose soundbar has neither room correction, nor an EQ

To customize the sound, the Bose TV Speaker unfortunately comes with only a few features. Thus, neither a room correction nor an equalizer can be found here. The bass alone can be regulated to five levels. With a higher bass level, the soundbar definitely has more pressure, but the low tones still are not really noticeable. Accordingly, we could not enjoy EDM music via the mini soundbar in our test. Besides the bass setting button, you can also find a button for the dialog mode on the soundbar’s remote control, which analyzes the played content and amplifies voices. In our test, this worked very well and words became more understandable.

The Bose TV speaker is not intelligent

Due to the low price, this soundbar unfortunately has to make sacrifices in terms of smart features. Thus, it does not have a Wi-Fi connection and no streaming options like Chromecast or Airplay. If you want to transfer content wirelessly from a smartphone or laptop, you can only use the integrated Bluetooth interface. At least it was set up quickly in our test and provided a stable connection.

The Bose TV Speaker appears in the Bluetooth menu on the smartphone
The Bose TV speaker and the smartphone are quickly paired via Bluetooth

Bose TV Speaker Datasheet

Dimensions Soundbar (WxHxD)594 x 56 x 102 mm
Weight Soundbar1,97 kg
Internal Subwoofer
Rear speaker
Wall mount
Channels 2
Power Output SoundbarN/A
Center speaker
HDMI 2.0 In0
HDMI 2.1 In0
Digital optical1
3.5mm jack1
Ethernet RJ450
Dolby Atmos
Dolby True HD
Dolby Digital+
Dolby Vision
DTS HD Master
Apple Airplay
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
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Frequently asked questions about the Bose TV Speaker

To connect the soundbar to the TV, either the HDMI output or the optical interface can be used. For connection via HDMI, an HDMI cable must be plugged into the HDMI output of the soundbar and the HDMI input of the TV.

Bose is one of the leading manufacturers of speakers and also produces very good soundbars. The Bose TV Speaker is one of the company’s entry-level models.

The connection via HDMI offers the advantage that a higher bandwidth of data can be transmitted via it. In addition, the TV remote control can usually be used to control the soundbar when connected via it thanks to HDMI CEC. In contrast, the connection via optical cable is less susceptible to interference.

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